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Go on a grand adventure in this upcoming fantasy novel, a first release by Sir Tokis, who also goes by Dana Graham Phelps.

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Q. What is Shuke's War About?

A. "A great bog separates two mystical lands, one hostile with dragons and the other more pleasant with magical territories at every turn. Three goblins are seduced to lead a giant army of deformed goblin soldiers on a distant planet where a crazed wood sorcerer, and bizarre mushroom wizard do battle. A war breaks out with the goblins and a gathering army of light soldiers who are ascending from flesh to pure energy. Atop the great mountain where the fighting takes place sleeps "Shuke", a young dragon born on the new world."


Cast of Characters

Herdoles- A wood sorcerer who lives in a uniquely magical tree spire, and leads three special goblins to war.

Frabagalrangus- A colorful mushroom wizard who uses his elemental magics to defend the light army (mostly).

T'hurik- A man from a race of miners who wants to escape from a prison, and go on a quest for ascension into light with his people.

Blixighisk- An immensely obese goblin, born of an embattled dragon's blood.

Guhkthl- A hard-skinned goblin brother of Blixighisk with the ability of defensive petrification.

H'aru- A swift sibling of Blixighisk and Guhkthl.

Gaelron- A handsome human with an underground castle who becomes a witness to the war.

Halabarefth- A beautiful lady who floats on a pink river sometimes, and wants a child with Gaelron.

Olighraciolousneasat- A most ancient and mystical dragon who sleeps in a lair deep beneath the ground.

Fglavafek- A wizened and heroic member of a mysterious people, who dwell where a special insect used by sorcerers is harvested.

Ardugaknathal- A great black-scaled dragon, awakened to a task within the war.

Shuke- A young dragon whose lair is atop the mountain where the grand battle breaks out.

Wood Men- A comical troop who are born from trees, and see T'hurik as their leader.

Tafhelijeosians- A subterranean species represented by two humanoids who are able to interact with dragons.

Bird Chief- A leader of his flock who challenges a dragon and pays an unusual price.

Kristvrish- A tiny kitty who is so small she is able to travel through soil and socialize with worms.

Frajahejale- A tinier worm who lives under a certain magical mushroom.


Author's Inspiration

The novel was born out of frustrations from dealing with PTSD and RTS. The full story about why those afflictions are bothering me can be found at!

This novel began without any story concept, just a vision and a description. Eventually it was a rich new world with texture and color, hidden mysteries and many new places to explore! There is a multi-galactic plot which developed naturally with the storyline as it 'came out'. The entire work wound up being fairly simplistic in its plot-- this is not advanced war strategy, or deeply embroiled love affairs with sub-twists and bizarre competition, it is not a great work of storytelling in its intricacies or grand overall storyline. But, it is very visceral, action packed, organic and has an extremely intense last 70 pages or so when the battle finally commences!

I invite you to enjoy the free copy when it comes, then offer a review for us if you desire. All your REVIEWS will be read, even the bad ones! Whatever your honest reaction is will be great, and some reviews will even get quoted. The download will be available here for free before we put it up on Kindle. Expect a price of about $2.99! Thank you for visiting SirTokis.Com and ShukesWar.Com

-Sir Tokis


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